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The above picture of the Harrison Park greens was kindly provided by Shane Farden who is a member  of the Warwickshire County Parks Bowling Association.

Custom Floors Supporting Wallasey Bowls

B.C.G.B.A. registration cards can be acquired at  £10.00 each from
The Merseyside County Registrar, Margaret Gard, 37 Okehampton Road, Liverpool, L16 6AY
Tel: 0151 722 2938


For all Association members who like to keep records of their own and their teams performances during the season, I can now inform you that we have now adopted the Crown Green Bowling Results Service

 operated by Mb Bowling results and currently used by the Birkenhead Evening and Afternoon Leagues, the Bebington & District League and the North Wirral League.

For all the Wallasey results, match sheets, Individual & Team Averages please enter into your web browser    http://bowlingresults.co.uk/wallasey/  where you will be able to access a mine of information.

You can also see this website at that address so it is worthwhile book marking the site once you access it.

My thanks go to Mike Beckett for all his help in setting up this excellent results service and for his speedy response to all my requests for help.


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Updated    Friday October 24, 2014 06:40

Friday October 24th

Executive Committee Meeting

A polite reminder to all our Executive Committee members that our next meeting is being held at Manor Road Bowling Club on Wednesday November 5th starting at 7-30pm. This our last meeting before our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday November 19th.

Wednesday October 15th

Hoylake Central Bowling Club 'Autumn Open Singles Competition'

Hoylake Central Bowling Club's next Open Competition takes place on Sunday October 26th starting at 11-00am. The draw can be seen below and can all players who have not yet done so, please pay their £10 entry fee to Keith Etches, or at least text Keith their confirmation of entry, by Wednesday October 22nd at the latest.  Keith Etches 07759 956998 

First Round Draw

(1) C. Morrison v D. Hazlehurst  (2) N. Smith v J. Fitzpatrick  (3) A. Smith v J. Harrison  (4) K. Nugent v R. Lynch  (5) I. Mitchell v N. Hughes  (6) S. Richardson v I. Hazlehurst  (7) J. Edwards v A. Wainwright  (8) D. Gilmore v S. Raybould

(9) A. Thompson v T. Raybould  (10) J. McElnay v M. Gilmore  (11) D. McDermott v J. Bunting  (12) A. McDermott v F. O'Neill  (13) C. Hegg v N. Burridge  (14) J. Roberts v J. McDermott  (15) T. Walker v Craig Saville  (16) A. Richardson v S. Scott

Tuesday October 14th

Federation of Crown Green Bowls

At our Executive Committee Meeting last week some changes were made to the Selection Committee for our 2015 Federation National League matches. There will now be 3 Players and 3 Executive Committee members on the selection Committee which will consist of the following for 2015.  From the Executive Committee - Mike Costall (Chairman of Committee), Colin Jones and Tommy Walker and from the players - Chris Barton, Matthew Gilmore and Colin Saville. Keith Etches has decided that he will not be involved with the Federation Team next year and has stood down as our home team manager with Tommy Walker replacing Keith as our home team manager for 2015 and Peter Dodd remaining as the away team manager.

Tuesday October 14th

Financial Year & Proposed Rule Changes

Thank you to all of our clubs for sending in their Final Account payments before the deadline day at the end of September. The full list of Executive Committee's proposed rule changes have already been sent out to all clubs and I would like to remind the clubs that if they would like to propose any amendments to those changes, then they should inform me before Friday October 31st. I would like to thank Manor Road Bowling Club for sending in a proposal to change the number of Starred Players for 2015 but this proposed change has  already been  included in the Executive Committee recommendations.

The Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday November 19th starting at 7-30pm and will once again be held at Manor Road Bowling Club.

The following Rule changes have been recommended by the Executive Committee.

Constitutional Laws

6: Financial Year.

Page 49, 2014 handbook Line 2: after £5 add plus £1 per week (or part) until settlement.

Reason: Adds continuing penalty in case of continued default in payment.

7: Administration

Page 49, 2014 handbook Line 4: after Wallasey delete Parks Line 5: after Treasurer. Add all cheques shall bear the signature of two Officers of the Association. All correspondence undertaken will be via the Secretary of a member club (or in the case of his/her absence their designated deputy).

Reason: A correction and clarification of present law.

8: The Executive

Page 49, 2014 handbook Line 6: after Meeting. Add Quorum = Five members present.

Reason clarifies number of members required for a Quorum.

9: Annual General Meeting

Page 50, 2014 handbook Line 6  (b) after 31st October. Add No proposals from Clubs, or amendments to proposals, shall be discussed unless they are seconded.

Reason: This is to re-instate an erroneously omitted rule.

Team Competition Rules (General)

Page 50, 2014 handbook 1: Line 8 Replace March 16th with March 1st

Reason: Gives the Executive Committee more time to check Starred Player Lists before acceptance.

Page 51, 2014 handbook  2: Line 3 after season: add except as per team competition rule 3a.  3a: Line 1: replace ‘If a player has played less than’ with ‘If a player has played not more than’

Reason: Clarification of rules.

4: Line 1: replace Clubs with ‘B’ teams shall star 10 players with Clubs with ‘B’ teams shall star 8 players

Reason: Helps Clubs with more than one team to field full teams in all their fixtures.

6: Page 52 2014 handbook Line 6: after minimum shall. Delete rest of sentence and replace with ‘on the claim of the opposing Captain, forfeit 21 points for each player absent. Move ruling re green unfit for play to Rule 11

Reason: Amendment of rule allowing the opposing Captain some discretion.

8: Page 52, 2014 handbook Line 3: delete Each absentee registered fine £2.00

Reason: Deletion of a fine that is very rarely applied.

10: Page 52, 2014 handbook. Delete present rule 10 and replace with

The winning team shall forward the result sheet within three days (excluding weekends), duly signed by both captains to the person indicated on the match sheet for that game. Result sheets can also be emailed to the Association Secretary at the email address on the result sheet. Any club failing to comply with this rule or team sheets are incorrectly filled in or not on an appropriate match sheet shall be fined £2-00.

Reason: Clarifies ruling and confirms match sheets can be sent via email.

11: Page 52, 2014 handbook Line 6: after ‘within three days’. Insert, The rearranged date being within one month of the original fixture.  Line 9: after at the adjournment. Add, It should be noted be noted that the decision on whether a green is fit for play will be made by the appropriate green keeper but in their absence the decision will be left to the Captain of the Home Team. Every effort should be made to ensure a match is played, however if a postponement is likely then this should be communicated to the opponents as soon as possible so as to reduce unnecessary travelling. No match to be called off before 5pm on the day of play.

Reason: Clarification of ruling

New Rule 12 to replace old rule 12

Page 52, 2014 handbook  For matches where a Referee has been appointed all matters in dispute, including suitability of green will be decided by the appointed Referee, whose decision shall be final and binding. No protests may be lodged.

Reason: Amended rule to give full authority to Referee

New Rule 15

Any club who excludes a player from their premises for any reason, must advise the Association Secretary as soon as possible following the implementation of any exclusion and include full details. The association is not under any obligation to involve themselves in any dispute.

Team Competition Rules


1: Page 53, 2014 handbook   Amended Rule  Matches to be played home and away. The fixtures as arranged to be strictly adhered to. In the event of teams resigning or joining the Association, the Executive Committee shall have the power to re-organise the Divisions at its discretion. The top two teams in Division Two and Three to be promoted and the two teams gaining the least points in Divisions One and Two shall be liable for relegation.

Reason: Clarification of rule.

4: Page 53, 2014 handbook Replace old rule 4 with. Where possible all matches must be completed by September 1st.

Reason: Old ruling now in Team Competition Rules – General


1: Page 54, 2014 handbook  Amended Rule

The competitions shall be open to all members of the Association. All Cup competitions to be run on a handicap basis. Entry to all the Divisional Cup competitions is compulsory but entry into The Presidents Cup and The Wallasey News Cup is optional. Any team who does not wish to be included in either the Presidents or Wallasey News Cups must notify the Association Secretary by January 3rd each year. Failure to comply with this rule leaves a club liable to competition fees.

Reason: Allows clubs to withdraw a team from these two competitions before any draw is made.

11: Dress Code

Page 55, 2014 handbook  Line 11   Add on new rule ‘No inappropriate use of weather protection clothing will be allowed’

Reason: Stops players who do not turn up in correct dress code using wet weather gear to cover up their non-observance of dress code rule

Add new Rule 12

Both of Cup Competition Finalists shall submit their teams, in order of play, to the Association Secretary when requested. The game shall start not later than 6-30pm on the date specified in the handbook for each Cup Final. In special circumstances, Executive Committee approval may be given to amend starting times.

Reason: Clarification of what happens now but not written in rules.