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The above picture of the Harrison Park greens was kindly provided by Shane Farden who is a member  of the Warwickshire County Parks Bowling Association.

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B.C.G.B.A. registration cards can be acquired at  10.00 each from
The Merseyside County Registrar, Margaret Gard, 37 Okehampton Road, Liverpool, L16 6AY
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For all Association members who like to keep records of their own and their teams performances during the season, I can now inform you that we have now adopted the Crown Green Bowling Results Service

 operated by Mb Bowling results and currently used by the Birkenhead Evening and Afternoon Leagues, the Bebington & District League and the North Wirral League.

For all the Wallasey results, match sheets, Individual & Team Averages please enter into your web browser    http://bowlingresults.co.uk/wallasey/  where you will be able to access a mine of information.

You can also see this website at that address so it is worthwhile book marking the site once you access it.

My thanks go to Mike Beckett for all his help in setting up this excellent results service and for his speedy response to all my requests for help.


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Updated    Sunday April 26, 2015 20:00

Sunday April 26th

Lottery Draw

The first Lottery Draw of the season took place today and the 100 Jackpot was not won but the 30 consolation prize was won by Dave Gilmore. Today's numbers drawn were 2, 8, 9, 10, 16, 20 Next week's Jackpot will be 110 from 19 numbers.

Sunday April 26th

No first match hiccup for Wallasey this year

After last year's disastrous opening match defeat against Mon Menai, the Wallasey CGBA Federation teams started the 2015 season with resounding home and away victories against East Lancs. At the excellent Royden Hall green, Wallasey had 11 winners on the day which included five single figure winners in, Les Henderson 21-07, Ian Sherbrooke 21-07, Matthew Gilmore 21-08, Anthony Thompson 21-08 and Robbie Fitzpatrick 21-09. A winning score of 247-146 saw Wallasey win the home match by 13 points to 1. In the away match at Darwen Subscription Bowling Club, Wallasey had an excellent 7 winning cards with Mike Havern 21-06 and Brian Leonard 21-07 leading the way. Chris Barton 21-10 and Jamie Box 21-11 both put in fine performances and with a winning score of 219-188, Wallasey won the away match by 9 points to 5. With the extra 4 points added on for the overall aggregate victory, a 26-06 winning margin for Wallasey was a brilliant start to the 2015 season. Our next match is against Furness on Sunday May 31st. Thanks to all the supporters, measurers and markers at both venues and to Peter Fishwick our Referee at Royden Hall.

 Played at Royden Hall Bowling Club    Played at Darwen Subscription Bowling Club
Wallasey   East Lancs   East Lancs   Wallasey
 Craig Saville (Captain) 21 v 18  Paul Sutcliffe 1  Gerald Oakland 10 v 21  Chris Barton
 Steve Scott 21 v 18  Ian Armstrong 2  Paul Brett 17 v 21  Owen Doyle
 Les Henderson 21 v 07  Reg Norman 3  Steve Clough 16 v 21  Steve Nugent
 James Fitzpatrick 14 v 21  Bill Stemp 4  John Bentley 06 v 21  Mike Havern
 Ian Sherbrooke 21 v 07  Mick Burns 5  James Melia 11 v 21  Jamie Box
 Robbie Fitzpatrick 21 v 09  Mick Beardmore 6  Neil Spencer 21 v 07  Phil Vaughan
 Dave Gilmore 21 v 15  Adam Hilliard 7  Gary Fielding 07 v 21  Brian Leonard
 Ian Hazlehurst 21 v 11  Alan Lord 8  Dave Shawforth 21 v 13  John Cosgrove
 Matthew Gilmore 21 v 08  Nigel Fryer 9  Craig Ramell 16 v 21  Bill Atkinson
 Anthony Thompson 21 v 08  Gary Emmison 10  Mick Lee 21 v 20  Paul Saville
 Ray Lynch 21 v 11  Pete Graham 11  Lee Longland 21 v 17  Frank O'Neill
 Robbie Hall 21 v 13  Ralph Westwell 12  Rick Riley 21 v 15  Josh Bunting


245   146 Total  


188   219 Total


13   1       5   9 Points

Plus Overall Aggregate

4     Final Overall Match Score Wallasey 26 points East Lancs 06 points

Saturday April 25th

League Results & Tables Updated

This week's League Results and League Tables have now been updated with all the results that I have in from Clubs so far. Team Captains are reminded that League Match Result Sheets still have to be sent to Colin Jones unless fully signed and scanned or photocopied sheets are emailed to me direct.

Saturday April 25th

Ken Birch

I am really sad to have to report that Ken Birch passed away at home yesterday morning. Ken was a highly respected and well liked member of our bowling community and will be sorely missed by his family and friends alike. We all know football was Ken's first love having played for Everton, Southampton and Bangor City but later in life Kenny was a very keen and competitive bowler who was very popular amongst his fellow bowlers. He played for the old Moreton Mens team, Sacred Heart, Oxton Cons, Manor Road and Upton Victory Hall during his bowling career and was also involved with the Merseyside Junior set up. Our condolences go to all of Ken's family and friends at this sad time and as soon as any funeral details are known, I will post them on this site.

Thursday April 23rd

Federation of Crown Green Bowls National League Division Four

Wallasey v East Lancs

The first match of the 2015 season gets under way this coming, Sunday April 26th when Wallasey take on East Lancs. The Home match will be held at Royden Hall Bowling Club starting at 2-00pm and the away match is at Darwen Subscription Bowling Club, Anyon Street, Darwen, BB3 3AQ also starting at 2-00pm. Supporters will be made most welcome and hopefully we can start the season off with a good win in our quest to win Division Four and get promotion for the second year in a row. The away side will be travelling in cars to Darwen for this match and should meet at the Queens, Liscard at 11-30am.

Monday April 20th

League Results & Tables Updated

The first League Results and League Tables have now been updated with all the results that I have in from Clubs so far. Team Captains are reminded that League Match Result Sheets still have to be sent to Colin Jones unless fully signed and scanned or photocopied sheets are emailed to me direct.

Saturday April 18th

League Results

Even though we are now using the MB results Service website again this season, I will still be entering the League results as usual, without Individual Scores, on the 2015 League results page accessed via the link in the above table.  Any club wishing to enter all their League or Cup results onto the MB results service website for their Wallasey Association fixtures can get a password from me through their Club Secretary.

Monday April 13th

Federation of Crown Green Bowls National League Division Four

Wallasey v East Lancs

The selected teams for the Division Four match between Wallasey C.G.B.A. & East Lancs can be seen below. The matches will be played on Sunday April 26th at Royden Hall Bowling Club and Darwen Subscription Bowling Club. Both matches start at 2-00pm. Travel details for the away match at Darwen will be announced as soon as available.

 To be played at Royden Hall Bowling Club   To be played at Darwen Subscription Bowling Club, Anyon Street, Darwen, BB3 3AQ
Wallasey Club   East Lancs Club   East Lancs Club   Wallasey Club
 Craig Saville (Captain)  N. B. Queens Royal v  Paul Sutcliffe  Salesbury 1  Gerald Oakland  Whitehall v  Chris Barton  N.B. Quarry Vikings
 Geoff Lynch  N. B. Queens Royal v  Ian Armstrong  Railway 2  Paul Brett  East Lancs v  Owen Doyle  N.B. Quarry Vikings
 Les Henderson  N. B. Queens Royal v  Reg Norman  Railway 3  Steve Clough  Darwen Sub v  Steve Nugent  N. B. Queens Royal
 James Fitzpatrick  West Kirby Victoria v  Bill Stemp  Dugdale 4  John Bentley  Whitehall v  Mike Havern  N.B. Quarry Vikings
 Ian Sherbrooke  West Kirby Victoria v  Mick Burns  Rishton Con 5  James Melia  Butlers v  Mathew Cunliffe  N. B. Queens Royal
 Robbie Fitzpatrick  West Kirby Victoria v  Mick Beardmore  Rushton St 6  Lee Hammond  Crown v  Phil Vaughan  N.B. Quarry Vikings
 Dave Gilmore  Manor Road v  Adam Hilliard  Whitehall 7  Kevin Haslam  Whitehall v  Brian Leonard  N.B. Quarry Vikings
 Ian Hazlehurst  N. B. Queens Royal v  Alan Lord  Olive Park 8  Dave Shawforth  Butlers v  John Cosgrove  N.B. Quarry Vikings
 Matthew Gilmore  N. B. Queens Royal v  Nigel Fryer  Salesbury 9  Craig Ramell  Mercer Park v  Bill Atkinson  West Kirby Victoria
 Anthony Thompson  N. B. Queens Royal v  Gary Emmison  Green Park 10  Mick Lee  Butlers v  Paul Saville  N. B. Queens Royal
 Ray Lynch  N. B. Queens Royal v  Pete Graham  Lower Darwen 11  Lee Longland  Darwen Sub v  Frank O'Neill  Royden Hall
 Robbie Hall  N. B. Queens Royal v  Harry Hargreaves  Darwen Sub 12  Rick Riley  Olive Park v  Neil Sherbrooke  West Kirby Victoria

Reserves (Alphabetical Order)


Reserves (Alphabetical Order)

 Mark Bainbridge  Manor Road                Jamie Box  N.B. Quarry Vikings
 John Devlin  West Kirby Victoria                Josh Bunting  N.B. Quarry Vikings
 Robbie Franklin  West Kirby Victoria                Tony Cavanagh  Upton Victory Hall
 Chris Morrison  Sandridge                Colin Saville  N. B. Queens Royal
 Steve Scott  N. B. Queens Royal                Karl Sherbrooke  West Kirby Victoria
                   Daisy Weaver  N.B. Quarry Vikings
 Referee: Peter Fishwick                  

Saturday April 11th

2015 League Season starts on Thursday

After last week's early Preliminary Round Divisional Cup matches, the season gets fully into swing this week with First Round Divisional Cup matches on Tuesday and a full League fixture list on Thursday. Can all clubs please remember that matches are scheduled to start at 6-15pm in April. I hope you all enjoy the new season and good luck to every club. Don't forget all the results from League and Cup matches can be  seen via the results service website accessed via http://bowlingresults.co.uk/wallasey/

Saturday April 11th

Wallasey retain Colin Jones Challenge Cup

Despite the final score, last night's Colin Jones Challenge Cup match between the Wallasey C.G.B.A. and the Wirral Ladies C. B. A. proved to be yet another enjoyable encounter between the two Associations. The matched played on the immaculate Royden Hall green, was played in the usual friendly manner but with an accompanying competitive edge. Wallasey had 9 winnings pairings to Wirral's 3 but unfortunately for the Ladies, 3 early single figure losses proved too much of a hurdle to overcome. Outstanding performances from Craig Saville & Anthony Thompson 21-06, James Fitzpatrick & Matthew Gilmore 21-07 and Les Henderson and Steve Scott 21-09 paved the way for an eventual 230-172 shot victory for Wallasey. Chris Barton & Phil Vaughan produced an amazing recovery from 10-17 down to run out 21-17 winners in their match but this was not enough to rest the Men of the match award from Craig Saville & Anthony Thompson. For the Ladies, Joan Dewhurst & Sue Lewis were always in control of their match in a tremendous 21-08 win that earned them the Ladies of the match award. Lynsey Gorman & Jordan McElnay played well in their 21-14 victory and arguably the best game of the night saw Jean Clark & Karen Smith winning their match 21-19 after a very close encounter. All the players enjoyed the after match buffet prepared by Sylvia Costall and thanks went to the Royden Hall Bowling Club for allowing us to stage the match at their green.

Wallasey C.G.B.A,


Wirral Ladies C.B.A.


Robbie Hall & Ian Hazlehurst 21 14 Ann Brown & Sally Povall


Chris Barton & Phil Vaughan 21 17 Margaret Gard & Joyce Stead


Les Henderson & Steve Scott 21 09 Margaret Browning & Sue Rodgers


James Fitzpatrick & Matthew Gilmore 21 07 Joan Jones & Maureen Saville


Josh Bunting & Owen Doyle 21 10 Naureen Bunting & Barbara McBurney


Craig Saville & Anthony Thompson 21 06 Mary Fishwick & Margaret Lewis


Brian Leonard & Paul Saville 21 15 Sandra Astles & Linda Mitchell


Steve Lyons & Tommy Walker 14 21 Lynsey Gorman & Jordan McElnay


Bill Atkinson & Ian Mitchell 21 18 Lee Eccles & Samantha Stanley


Jamie Box & Karl Sherbrooke 08 21 Joan Dewhurst & Sue Lewis


John Cosgrove & Chris Morrison 19 21 Jean Clark & Karen Smith


Rick Keeley & Frank O'Neill 21 13  Gill Sheen & Barbara Ryding


Final Score

230 172

Final Score

Saturday April 4th

Colin Jones Challenge Cup

The Annual challenge match between the Wallasey C.G.B.A. and the Wirral Ladies County side, is being played this coming Friday, April 10th at Royden Hall Bowling Club starting at 6-15pm. Spectators attending the match will be made most welcome and will enjoy an entertaining evening's bowling between the two teams. The selected teams for the match can be seen below.

Friday April 3rd

Hoylake Central 'Easter Sunday' Open

The Hoylake Central Easter Open First Round Draw can be seen below.

The competition starts a 11-00am with refreshments available all day.

1 J. Harrison v Cr. Saville
2 A. Ryding v C. Morrison
3 B. Hodgson v I. Hazlehurst
4 J. Bunting v R. Farrell
5 J. McDermott v I. Mitchell
6 R. Lynch v D. Gilmore
7 W. Atkinson v C. Barton
8 S. Richardson v J. Lloyd
9 S. Nugent v J. Roberts
10 P. Gartland v A. Thompson
11 J. Cosgrove v N.Smith
12 J. Box v J. Fitzpatrick
13 J. McElnay v K. Nugent
14 T. Walker v D. Hazlehurst
15 A. Richardson v J. Edwards
16 E. Dutton v P. Dodd

Sunday March 29th

Starred player change in Manor Road 'B' Team

There has been a change to the Starred player list in the Manor Road 'B' Team. Steve Green replaces Brian Skinner in the list. The change has been updated on the Starred player list in the above table.

Friday March 27th

Coaching Courses

British Crown Green Bowling Association are holding a Coaching Course at Cammell Laird Bowling Club on 16th May 2015.

The course will run from 10am to 3.30pm and the cost will be approx 10 per person.

For further details and to book your place please contact Mo Evans on telephone 643 8779


A further course is being arranged at Pensby Bowling Club on a date to be decided.

For further details please contact Gill Sheen on telephone 339 4827

Friday March 27th

Starred Player List

Manor Road 'A' team have amended their Starred player list to include their new signing, Dave Gilmore.

Thursday March 19th

2015 Team Handicaps & Starred Player Lists

The Team Handicaps and the Starred Player lists were reviewed by the Executive Committee at last night's monthly meeting and they can seen by accessing the respective links in the above table.

2015 Handbook Meeting

The handbook meeting will be held at Pensby Recreation Centre on Monday 23rd March starting at 7-15pm.

Sunday March 8th

 2015 Starred Players

The 2015 Starred Player lists can be seen via the link in the above table. The lists will be reviewed by the Executive Committee at their next meeting on Wednesday March 18th.

Wednesday February 11th

Syd Bolland

Sadly I have to report the loss of another stalwart of Wallasey bowls with the passing of Liscard Bowling Club's Syd Bolland. Syd who was 91 years of age, passed away at home last night after a prolonged spell of illness. He was a member at Liscard for over 60 years and fulfilled virtually every role at the club in his time there. Our condolences go to Syd's family and friends at  this sad time. Syd's Funeral will take place at Centre Chapel, Landican on Monday 23rd February at 9-30am with refreshments etc at the Poulton Vics Social Club after the service.

Wednesday February 11th

Geoff Lynch Snr

Geoff's Funeral will take place at Landican on Friday 27th February starting at 12-30pm. Family flowers only please with any donations to go to the St. Johns Hospice at Clatterbridge. Mourners will be welcomed at Manor Road Bowling Club after the Funeral Service.

Thursday February 5th

Geoff Lynch Snr

I am very sad to have to report that Geoff Lynch passed away peacefully last night after a prolonged period of illness. All Geoff's family were at his side in the hospice. Geoff played in the Wallasey Association for over 40 years and won the Wallasey Festival in 1976. He won the Wallasey Individual Merit in 1987 and accompanied by his son, Geoff, won the Tom Bassnett Pairs in 1993 and 2003. Geoff will be sorely missed by all in the Wallasey and Wirral Bowling community and our condolences go to all his family at this sad time. I will post funeral details when they are available.

Tuesday February 3rd

Wallasey C.G.B.A. Federation of Crown Green Bowls Teams 2015

There will be a Players meeting on Wednesday, February 18th at Manor Road Bowling Club starting at 7-30pm to discuss all matters for the 2015 Federation Season. All players who have represented us at this level before and any players who feel that they can play for us at this level but have not been given the chance so far, are invited to attend the meeting to air their views on all matters regarding the teams. This is a last chance, before the selectors get down to choosing their squads, for everyone to have their say on how things can improve for us in 2015.

Monday February 2nd

2015 Wallasey Results Service Website

The Results Service website we so successfully used last season is being used again for the 2015 season. The site is now up and running and includes all the League Fixtures, Divisional Cup and Presidents Cup draws and all the Players Registered in the Association for 2015. Some interesting changing of Clubs by players have taken place over the winter and you can check who is playing for which Club by clicking on the Club Registration link at the top of the site. The results service can be accessed via the link in the box above advertising the Results Service Website. My thanks again go to Mike Beckett for all his help with the service and his very speedy response to the any queries I have about the site.

Monday February 2nd

Fred Evans Funeral Details

The Funeral for Fred Evans will take place at Landican on Thursday 19th February starting at 11-30am.

Tuesday January 27th

Player Registration Forms, First Invoices & Five A Side/Pairs League Entries

I would like to politely remind Club's who have not yet sent in their First Account Payments, Player Registration Forms or Five Aside and Pairs League entries, that the final date for receipt of all the paperwork etc is this coming Saturday January 31st. I have received Invoice payments from some clubs without any Player Registration Forms or Five A Side or Pairs League entries. Can Secretaries who have passed on the paperwork to Team Captains please chase up their replies. Thank you.

Saturday January 24th

Fred Evans

It is with great sadness that I have to report that another 'Gentleman of Bowls, Fred Evans, passed away at Arrowe Park hospital yesterday after a short illness. Fred was a long time member of the Harrison Park Bowling Club and as well as being  a past Secretary and President of the club, he was their only Life Member, such was the high regard he was held in by the Harrison Park members past and present. Fred was a highly competitive opponent even in his later years but was a gentleman both on an off the green. Our condolences go to all his family and friends at this sad time and as soon as any funeral details are known I will post them on this site.

Thursday January 8th

Cup Draws

The Association Cup, Sheppick Cup, Harold Jones Cup and Presidents Cup draws took place at Manor Road Bowling Club last night and all the draws can be seen via the Team Competitions link in the above table. The Association, Sheppick and Harold Jones Cups Preliminary and First Round matches will follow the same format as last season with the ties being on a 6 home 6 away basis. The Presidents Cup will be redrawn after the completion of each Round in the coming season and not as in the past when the layout of the draw for the whole competition was decided straightaway. All our Cup Finals will be held on Saturday Evenings this year and all the dates can be seen on each Cup draw.

Tuesday January 6th

Two changes to Calendar of Events

I have had to make a couple of changes to the 2015 Calendar of Events. The Tom Bassnett Pairs will now be held on Sunday July 5th (not Sunday August 16th as originally planned) and the Charity Day will now be on Sunday August 16th ( not July 19th as originally planned). Sunday July 19th ( Wirral Ladies have County Match) is now a free date in the Wallasey CGBA Calendar. I have made the alterations in the Calendar of Events Table below.

Tuesday December 30th

2015 League Fixtures Updated

The League Fixtures for the 2015 season can now be accessed via the Fixtures Links in the above table.

Sunday December 28th

Ethel Gilmore

I am really saddened to have to report that Ethel Gilmore passed away in Arrowe Park Hospital on Tuesday evening. Ethel was well known throughout the Wallasey and Wirral Bowling Community and will be sadly missed by all her family as well as all her friends from the bowling circuit. Ethel was a long time member at both Harrison Park and  Marine Park Ladies Bowling Clubs  and was a great supporter of our Wallasey Charity Days and up until the last two occasions (because of failing health conditions) Ethel was in attendance at every match for the George Gilmore Memorial Trophy no matter what the weather was like and presented the Trophy to the winning Captain. Our condolences go Ethel's son Dave and daughter Joan, her grandchildren Matthew, Nicola, Mark and Lee and to her great grandchildren George, Lucy, Kieren, Tommy, Nathan and Oscar.

The Funeral Service will take place at St Nicholas Church, Wallasey Village at 1-00pm on Monday 12th January followed by a cremation at Landican at 2-00pm.